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Expression through artistic experiences

Art Inspired Academy

Art Inspired Academy offers the opportunity for individuals with and without disabilities to participate in creative arts classes such as theatre, movement, music enrichment and art. We provide inclusive classes in a community setting that collaborates with existing programs and provides support for individuals with disabilities. At Art Inspired Academy, we provide support based an individuals abilities. We welcome people of all abilities in our classes!

Participants express themselves through artistic experiences while working on goals to improve communication, motor skills, social skills, self-control and confidence.

The Art Inspired Academy staff share a passion for helping individuals with and without disabilities. Each staff member comes from an extensive educational background with expertise in special needs and behavioral training. All classes are designed to provide experiences in the arts while also working on individual goals.

Art Inspired Academy is dedicated to serving students of all ability levels.

Here is how you can make an impact in someone’s life:

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