Graham’s Story:

Tell us a little about your family.
We are a family of 4 with a dog. Zach/Dad, Amber/Mom, Finneas/Big Brother and in the 6th grade, and
Graham/ little bother and in the 2nd grade, Last our sweet dog Sugar.

What is it like to balance virtual vs. seated school?
Both boys are virtual. We balance it with making a schedule and following it each day to stay on track.
We schedule breaks to help with the school work not being too much. It has been a challenge having
both boys in different grades and completely different schedules. We have managed this with Finn (11yrs
old) by having a magnet board schedule that I help him set each morning before starting his work for the
day. Graham’s schedule is a little harder to follow. He does therapies outside of the house 2days a week.
He is not always willing to do the work either.

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