High School Good Life Group

What are you going to do when the bus stops coming?

High School is challenging time for teens. The High School Good Life Group has been designed to assist students and parents with thinking about what they want from their life. We will break that down into manageable steps in moving towards their vision of a good life. This group will support and guide families in critical steps as their child transitions into adulthood.

Topics include:

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Independent Living
  • Benefits Counseling
  • Transition to Employment
  • Transition to Continuing Education

This group is open to ALL high school aged self- advocates in Greene County and family members are also welcome.

Good Life Group

This group is made up of 18+ self-advocates who are learning to build their advocacy skills in a variety of life domains through various community engagements and educational opportunities.

Topics Include:

  • Daily Life
  • Employment
  • Health and Wellness
  • Safety and Security
  • Social and Emotional
  • Citizenship and Advocacy
  • Home and Community